Twitter, Pointless Babble?

Supposedly, a Twitter study just published by Pearanalytics “Reveals Interesting Results About Usage“. For instance, it is reported that

As you may have guessed, Pointless Babble won with 40.55% of the total tweets captured; however, Conversational was a very close second at 37.55%, and Pass-Along Value was third (albeit a distant third) at 8.7% of the tweets captured.

It was even more interesting, though, what social media researcher danah boyd -who does not capitalize her name- had to say about the study in her short blog post Twitter: “pointless babble” or peripheral awareness + social grooming? It’s as though -she argues- some analytics agency ask everyone to classify each and every utterance (plus visual communication) in every conversation. Wouldn’t the result be perhaps (even quite) over 40% Pointless Babble?

What’s the point of dismissing Twitter’s conversational value?

boyd adds:

I vote that we stop dismissing Twitter just because the majority of people who are joining its ranks are there to be social. We like the fact that humans are social. It’s good for society.

Wouldn’t you agree?

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