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YouTube – Buscando América

Looking for America, Rubén Blades came back to Puerto Rico yesterday with a fabulous concert. Even non-Salsa-fans love his music and charisma! His songs were arranged with great depth and the quality of his group, Seis del Solar, was really very high. Apart from some rhetoric, he showed a nice sense of humor and a vibrant energy. Plus, he enjoyed playing and showing off. Such great music! The electric piano, percussions, and trumpets were fantastic. Jazzing impros and solos over some salsa were also awesome.
People danced over the arena and I got a good chance when I could approach the stage and enjoy the last part of the concert from very close. Nice show too, with videos and yes, politics! Together with him, Puerto Rico felt fully Latin American!

Enjoy the first video of Buscando América (the last minutes from close to the stage!), and then his hit Pedro Navaja, the Latin American version of Jack the Knife.

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