Microsoft’s Vision of the future and Obama’s Nobel

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All mimsy were the borogoves

And the mome rath outgrabe

If I recall well, this is the first nonsensical verse from the Jabberwocky, Lewis Carrol‘s poem within Alice in Wonderland.

All mimsy are today’s borogoves, too, in Microsoft‘s vision of the future. In the video below. So beautiful, so pure, so uncontaminated by poverty, dirt, hunger. So inspiring, too, & true & realistic.

Tomorrow’s computers will be invisible. Embedded within walls, glass surfaces, tables. Touchscreens and touch-e-paper will provide the support and the interface to information, which will flow a bit more seamlessly than today, onto our consciousness, or our unconsciousness.

The girl who touches the boy’s words thousand miles away but just there on the other side of the mirror/surface. What school may get that technology for its children is not told. Not many schools, I suppose, nor today, not even tomorrow.

And this is why I want to connect this video and its pseudo-reality to Obama’s nobel prize winning.

Nobel prize to Obama? This is all the same bullshit, my friends. It’s another planet altogether.

I support and love Obama, let me spell that clear. I am with him. And I am happy for his prize. But, does he deserve it? He did a few very moving, true-to-heart speeches, and his ideas are having an impact worldwide, which is certainly very important, peace-wise. I also understand the Nobel guys wanted to Obama acquire more force and power, before the right convinces everybody he is a communist.

But. There are dozens of ONG’s out there doing a very good job at actually keeping peace and food and health. What about them? What about Obama going to send more soldiers to Afghanistan? It seems to me that the Nobel prize for Peace is that sort of nice, bullshit opium we are still eating every day.

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