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Live action for LazyFeed starting today!

I got the first news of LazyFeed during the summer from Louis Gray, then got an invite and began checking it out.

I like LazyFeed! It is a Web-based recommender system plus feed reader. It’s lazy, or better, it caters to “lazy people” since it recommends readings that it infers may interest people, by analyzing the content one is subscribed to (including social networks) and extracting new topics. Lazyfeed also let you

Save all kinds of topics and don’t worry about missing out on anything. The most recently updated topics will rise to the top, keeping you always updated.

Here is a nice and simple tutorial to learn how to use LazyFeed.

In this first image, you can see LazyFeed’s interface after login. On the left, the list of my categories. On the right, Lazyfeed’s posts and tweets, plus, in the upper portion, its hot topics of the moment, which may be expanded if dropped on the “What interest you?” bar.


The second image shows the same interface after dragging the tag “Web 2.0” over the “Interest” bar. Asd it can be seen, Lazyfeed is a good tool for discovery.

Lazyfeed, my feeds, suggested readings

Last, Lazyfeed has always some topic to propose to lazy me…


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