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An Intelligent Feed Reader

Live action for LazyFeed starting today! I got the first news of LazyFeed during the summer from Louis Gray, then got an invite and began checking it out. I like LazyFeed! It is a Web-based recommender system plus feed reader. … Continue reading

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Blogs de la CiberSociedad

Blogs de la CiberSociedad es una nueva iniciativa del Observatorio para la CiberSociedad, que pretende aglutinar y mostrar una recopilación actualizada de lo que escriben en sus blogs personas próximas al proyecto, que están llevando a cabo difusión y reflexión … Continue reading

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RSS Newspapers, virtual & printed

FROM FeedJournal – The Newspaper You Always Wanted Feed Journal and Feed Chronicle are RSS-based feed aggregators which produce professional looking newspaper-like pages of your preferred newsfeeds. The former, however, does something attractively old fashioned: it generates a printed version … Continue reading

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JRNL, mashups and metapublishing

Slowly fun. The concept of my being a supreme editor-in-chief is wonderful! This is how I feel each time I open the wordly JRNL at Skate of the web, a “journal” where I publish, automagically, the best posts from the … Continue reading

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El concepto de está llegando lejos. En pocas palabras, se trata de sistemas que empujan al límite la idea de un feed RSS. Un lifestream consiste en la agregación de varios feeds procedentes de fuentes distintas… Hasta este punto, … Continue reading

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