Jane Hart’s Top 100 Tools for Learning 2009

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Twitter is tool #1 in Jane Hart’s Top 100 Tools for Learning 2009. It jumps from position #11 up to the first. Followed by Delicious (first in 2008) and YouTube. Then, in order from the 4th place:

Google Reader, Google Docs, WordPress, Slideshare, Google Search, Audacity, Firefox.

Skype is 11th, PowerPoint 13th, Moodle 14th. See it for yourself…

A few things are clear, apart from the shifts that tools have from one year to the next.

1) Twitter is establishing itself as a leading platform. To do what? It’s up to you.
2) The first 10 tools are pretty well used in day to day life by faculty, everywhere I happen to watch.
3) The thing in common? They’re free, web-based (except Audacity) and they support sharing and communication.

Two tools make their entrance this year: Evernote (famed note-taking tool with iPhone appendix) and Prezi, an extravagantly nice presentation and slideshow tool.

Watch Jane’s presentation here.

Also, check out her 25 Tools: A Toolbox for Learning Professionals. A very useful list, related to the first.

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