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A couple of those nice & dandy guys at Linden Lab (Second Life) have opened a new startup, and in true Silicon Valley 2.0 style they’re starting up in a new, interesting way. Let’s see. First, the new startup is “LoveMachine, Inc.“. What does LoveMachine do?

Philip and Ryan (@ Linden Labs) say:

we are working on making a version of the Linden Lab LoveMachine (and some other tools too), that hopefully we can sell to some companies and help them out.

Says The Alphaville Herald:

The Love Machine is apparently Linden Lab’s own in-house version of the deeply borked ratings system that was once part of Second Life, in which residents could rate each other favorably or unfavorably and receive increased weekly stipends as a result. At LL, apparently, employees can do the same, and receive a variable cash bonus based on how much “love” they’ve received over a given period.

Of course, they are setting up office space in San Francisco, but sure they already set an island in the virtual world, named P Squared (geeks!), where they actually work. Then, instead of applying for a job at the new company, you may check the worklist,

and see if there is anything that you can do – start by contracting.

This is really intriguing. So, I checked the worklist, and guess what.

Locate some great bars in SF that could be good to park new company in for a while […] Need to have good hours, be interesting, have full bar (not just beer/wine)

They need someone who helps them find a bar (yes, a bar as in beer) where they can rent a few tables to work! I’m going.

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