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The Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Puerto Rico (MACPR) presented a couple days ago a wonderful night of music and poetry. What a splendid occasion to cross again the doors to this beautiful architecture of red bricks and arcades and stairs and share the music of friend and collaborator Héctor del Manzano. Héctor has been working with me for a long time, and he was the Chief Software Architect of our project STEMmED, here at USC. An engineer with very diverse interests, Héctor is also a very good musician, and I enjoyed the soiree very much. Good eclectic music, sounds from electronica to Balkanica to mellow unromantic songs played at the guitar or the keyboards. I also had the pleasure of listening to our student Omar Acevedo’s brilliant drumming! A good duo, Cabaret Mesmer!! Felicitaciones!

Here is a song I enjoyed a lot, perhaps the sound was not too high in quality, but the music is. Enjoy the Balkan impro of Nalma Comolat, a word coming from the Spanish (U)n alma como la t(uya) –A Soul Like Yours“.

I also enjoyed a lot the poetry session that came after the music. Particulary, I was intrigued by friend Chloe Georas, a woman who pioneered the Puerto Rican chapter of Creative Commons, who converted ironically parts of the US Civil Code into image and poetry. She talked about censorship around the woman’s body and declaimed citations and Footnotes from the US Code regarding what is named “prurient interest”.

A short vid follows. Note the beach towel, as censored as it was hanging from a street vendor, plus covered with legal citations. Bravo, Chloe!

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  1. Admin says:

    I think I can relate to you. I really this kind of music. I hope I can see them soon.

    Thanks for sharing.


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