End of file, 2010. And Facebook?

What a year.

A year of living dangerously, might I say. A year when lots of things happened, good and bad. I learned so much in this year that I feel a 18-year-old discovering the world. The value of social connection over the individual, for instance. Or the fact that I still feel I have lots of things to do and learn. So come on, 2011, welcome.

I owe a post with the movie awards for 2010, and also of the generally good things I was lucky enough to get my hands or eyes on. That will come very soon in 2011, with attached a little summary of the year gone by

One thing, though: I stayed clear of Facebook for a whole six months. Not one single time have I entered the famed network. Haven’t even watched the movie. Wow! I just wanted to see what happened and understand whether I needed it or not. I felt I couldn’t cope with both Facebook and Twitter (which I love unconditionally and which nurtures me all along –Twitter is poetry, says Alejandro Jodorowski–).

For six long months I sacrificed some good friendships both here and in Italy, with whom Facebook was the mean medium of communication. Thus I shall go back and see what happens. Will I be able to adjust? Will FB adapt well to my needs? We shall see. But on the first days of January I will reopen said account and salute my friends. I will certainly shut the friendship with some people. It’ll be a massacre, but we need to start 2011 well off the right foot. I plan to keep the few friends with whom I can speak the language I feel.

If I will like it, if I will find fun or smiles, I can’t say now. We’ll see. For now, enjoy –as a end-of-year gift– this very nice video on why I should stay clear of FB, from Sonny Side Films. Happy new Year!

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