Nothing better than my blog to say goodbye to 2010 and send my love to all those elegant enough to have shared with me during this year. I was fortunate to meet and spend a great time with some of the best people around, who inspire me and continue to give me further opportunities to learn. So, happy new 2011!

Nothing better than sharing on this day this amazing video on the most awesome 450-page presentation **ever**, done with the mythical Google Docs. It’s fabulous, so do enjoy!

Also, after the break: Boredom enthusiasts and Boredom 2010 conference. An amazing treat. It’s really sweet.

Now, on to Boredom 2010 conference: These people show up and discuss on ways to split the hair or similar stuff.

“Brace yourself for five piping-hot minutes of inertia,” said William Barrett. Then he began reciting the names of every single one of 415 colors listed in a paint catalog: damson dream, dauphin, dayroom yellow, dead salmon…and on and on and on.

Wild but so… how do I put it, so naively human, right? Read the WSJ article, which I stumbled into thanks to @carlacasilli, “Boredom Enthusiasts Discover the Pleasures of Understimulation“! It had me really amused. At this convention, people discussed “The Intangible Beauty of Car Park Roofs” and “Personal Reflections on the English Breakfast,” or “My Relationship With Bus Routes.” What splendid themes for reflection… Mr. James Ward himself, the conference patron,

discussed his tie collection at great length, accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation. He noted that as of June 2010, he owned 55 ties, and 45.5% of them were of a single color. By December, his tie collection had jumped by 36%, although the share of single-color ties fell by 1.5%.

“Ties are getting slightly more colorful,” he noted. Also, apparently, his taste was improving. By December, only 64% of his ties were polyester, down from 73% in June.

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