2011: A Tribute to Blake Edwards

I want to pay tribute to one of my most admired directors of Hollywood, one who just died at the sunset of 2010: the great Blake Edwards.

I’ll only say that I remember watching his movies since I was 17 or 18. I remember The Party, the extravagant, almost mute movie in which Edwards finds his magic connection with Peter Sellers, another guy I was simply in awe with, and actually still am. Then came the Pink Panther, with its unforgettable characters: Chief Inspector Clouseau (Sellers), Cato the martial butler and his archenemy Commissioner Dreyfus (played by another giant, Herbert Lom). They’re all gone now, but in the splendid movies they did.

A Shot in the Dark

Thus I got the last chance at producing a couple of animated gifs (I find this art particularly apt to appreciate a movie and distill some condensed juice out of it), before the #ds106 course begins officially. They are from The Pink Panther series from the 70s and from A Shot in the Dark. Enjoy, as much as I enjoyed doing them!

Peter Sellers Animated GIF

Then, there’s this Quasimodo-like outfit:

Inspector Cluseau Animated GIF

Now, I can’t resist sharing the very beginning scene of The Party, since it’s a masterpiece of humor and each and every time I watch it I fall laughing hard!

Happy new year!

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2 Responses to 2011: A Tribute to Blake Edwards

  1. Tom says:

    Awesome. I love both of those.

  2. Avunque says:

    Wow! How could I leave Henry Mancini out of the magic formula of the Pink Panther! My bad. Mancini's epic music is as strongly associated to the Pink Panther as Peter Sellers himself. Fortunately, neither Blake nor anybody else dared change it. Unfortunately, now that I come to think about it, Blake himself thought Roberto Benigni as a possible successor to Sellers, given his mimic qualities. But no, they failed to recreate the magic.

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