Assignment 1 for #ds106–A Short I Shot Myself

At last I dare publish the first assignment of a short story about myself for the Digital Storytelling class #ds106 of Jim Groom.
It’s simply awful, and the shots didn’t come out clean, I know. I edited two little segments, badly joined them and this is the result, surprising out of focus. But hey, this gives it a patina of film d’auteur… And I was desperate to submit it.

NEXT: A Short Initiation to Poetry 2.0, the novel style also called Poetry by Captions.

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2 Responses to Assignment 1 for #ds106–A Short I Shot Myself

  1. Avunque says:

    Yup! Never thought of it as an altar, but it's true!! And we all are ready to worship!

  2. Brad says:

    That little shrine to the internet is so cool. I am ready to worship at the altar.

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