Welcome back, Skate

Over one month from my last post. Hmmm.

It has been a hell of a month. I have been working day and night to put together a new Grant for the US Dept. of Education, which went out last Friday, April 29. At the same time I had to assemble our final report of the past grant, Project STEMmED.

We did it. And was shocked to see ho much I had missed in the preceding month. But not my classes, which produced actually a lot of interesting stuff: I’ll report soon.

Now, I am enjoying some quiet, the last days of my courses, my new studio, some zen solitude, and I’m preparing for my New York stay of a month in June. Yes! I’ll be doing some nice research work at NYU, and will be staying close to Union Square. I’ll post about the research asap. I also owe Martha Burtis: my students have really got the idea for Yahoo! Pipes, and started doing nice things. More on that very soon, when I’ll be a little more awake and ready to give back what was given unto me.

Of course, meanwhile I had the opportunity to reflect a bit on the nature of things, like Obama’s renaissance and Osama’s killing. Something disturbing, there. Even though I sympathize a lot with Obama, I could not understand how one can simple get away with some killing, trespassing, taking away a corpse, all in a foreign, independent country, and not respond of numerous laws being broken. Not to speak of morals. But still, Obama, I concluded, did the right thing, because who Obama responds to is ultimately his people. And a vast number of his people, I now understand with some clarity, don’t seem to be much peace-loving. They love commandos and the Force. And they love this thing of being called the most powerful. And so be it.

Last, I’ve been watching -courtesy of torrents- the original danish series Forbrydelsen, from which AMC’s The Killing is a remake. Wonderful nordic atmosphere. Amazing characters: especially the police detective, this woman Lund, 40-ishly beautiful and savvy and assertive. In the first episode, the full universe of characters is brilliantly introduced, masterfully. After I see the full 20 episodes I shall go to the American remake. BTW, the original is shot in Copenhagen, while the remake, intelligently, is in Seattle. I get now why I like so much the US northwest.

So, welcome back, Skate of the Web.

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