Under Suspicion, Old San Juan and daughter

I wanted to do this for a long while. You see, while they were shooting Under Suspicion in Old San Juan (it must have been the year 1999) we were living in the old town and enjoyed watching the crew and actors when possible. Once, we found ourselves at a friend’s in Calle Sol, where my daughter Chiara used to play with this friend’s own daughter. So they did that afternoon, on the street, while we stayed there to check on them.

Then the movie crew was there, and the street was blocked. I was standing a few meters from Morgan Freeman, while he was opening his car’s door. He looked around. Then the director Stephen Hopkins gestured the cameraman to shoot the two girls playing on the sidewalk.

Thus my daughter came to be -super extra- in one Hollywood movie, albeit a minor one. Awesome!

I extracted a segment from the film, which I then edited with MPEG Streamclip, the super-useful video utility, since I wanted to show the initial credits together with the first scenes from Puerto Rico before the clip.

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