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I love traveling. Even when I do in the virtual space of the Internets. I love browsing the iTunes stores of remote countries, and see what treasures they hide. Sometimes it is disturbing to realize one cannot get the free tunes from other countries’ stores. Well, I mean, I could.

Open the alien Store, see if you like the free song, then download if from a torrent or YouTube. It was free in the first place, right?

Well, no, at least no for the SOPA-smoking people. So, rewind: here Wired Australia has a way to get an account in any iTunes Store, in any country. Cool! Of course, most free iTunes tunes are not really worth the trouble, but some, yes! Also, sometimes you find little gems, like Lana Del Rey who is free in the UK but not in the US. Yes, you feel a little like a hacker, but what the bell, a world so segmented in music and film features, deserves some hacking.

Now some tips. The UK Store is good. They have free weekly tunes worth checking. And then, something I learned. I can’t resist checking the iTunes Stores of, say, Uzbekistan, or even Senegal. I guess I’d find hidden troves of local music and so on. What? Only apps and iBooks? None in non-English? The latest bestseller is Moby Dick?

You got it: Call it Colonization. Much better than invading with steel or germs. iTunes suffices.

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