I found some Visual Thinkery on the open Web

Sometimes, the Web feels too big. Like this planet, it instills in me a sense of impossibility: I’ll manage to know but a tiny bit of its wonders. And so I skate through it, sometimes getting tired of the browsing, always discovering something worth pursuing. And thus I have got a number of bookmarks (in diigo), a number of notes (Evernote), plus quite some annotations in my agenda and post-it notes. I keep collecting such information and sometimes I end up actually using it.

The Web is, however, magical in its being full of wonder and grace, and I can’t but pain when I see the declining use of links and of open Web pages. I wonder whether the Web will survive or whether we will in the end lose a fantastic opportunity. In edtech, for instance, I feel the Web is already losing, among apps and closed stores, learning management systems and other content-based materials. Like the idea of trapping some knowledge onto a CD, with all the outward links turned inward. This is what’s happening. A refusal to see the web for what it is.

When I found the work of Bryan Mathers though, I was so pleasantly surprised. Look at his site, his drawings, his thoughs, and all he does is celebrating openness and the open Web. All his images are licensed with Creative Commons (BY-ND), so they can be immediately reused in other web pages or other medium. Hope you enjoy especially this one on the Open Web:

Image from Byan Mathers

The Open Web by @bryanMMathers is licenced under CC-BY-ND.

And this from #OER17:

Bryan works also with his site Visual Thinkery by helping clients

articulate their thoughts, ideas, and messages, to create visual thinkery[…]

He is also the author of some great logos out there: among all I love those of Hack Education and Reclaim Hosting.

There is so much good stuff on the Web and I don’t have a chance at enjoying it all properly!

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