Oh so many postcards for #care4sagrado!!

More postcards arrived at my desk during the past week, and I am just like a kid… so happy to get mail!! Curiously, getting emails has not got a similar effect 😉 –well, perhaps in the late eighties it did.

So, we already shared them on Twitter via selfies from #inf115 students, and both them and I were proud and grateful to get them.

Here they are. Again, folks, thank you so much. It’s a testimony of globalization’s good arm.


IMG_6231From Scotland’s Sarah Honeychurch (@NomadWarMachine). I love Scotland, Sarah: First, my best English teacher was a Scot; and I had a wonderful time in Scotland when my wife Hilda was pregnant of our first daughter, Chiara. In the magical woods with the big bag!



This one from Giulia Forsythe from Niagara, Canada (@giuliaforsythe). Thanks Giulia, nice getting this from you! Giulia did all the drawing-doodle-summaries for our first TEDx, back in 2013.



Another from Canada! Did I say my family and I love Canada and have traveled the long roads in BC and Nova Scotia, Québec and New Brunswick? Great places and great, nice people.



This last is from an unknown sender (a postal worker nonetheless) and was mailed from Memphis, Tennessee.

Thanks all, y paz! Pero, ¡basta con la paciencia! / Enough with patience, though!

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