More Mail from el Puente de #PuertoRico

Perhaps the media don’t talk any longer about the situation in Puerto Rico, hit by storm Maria, five weeks ago. The same five weeks we have been living without electricity, spotty cell and Internet access.

But you know what, we have made a good use of the little electricity we got and we overcame many obstacles, such as teaching and demoing Web services through students’ laptop and hand-held devices. And until now it worked pretty well. Many students of mine say the do prefer the course this way!

Of course, receiving postcards from you guys is the highlight of any day. The second batch of postcards (yes, they were two!) came in yesterday. And here they are. They were immediately tweeted and selfied by two students of #inf115, who appreciate the spirit.

Thanks to Pumpkin Yang (@pumpkiny) and Karen Fasimpaur (kfasimpaur)!!

The Fantastic Flower Garden -- Denver, CO. From Pumpkin Yang @pumpkiny

The Fantastic Flower Garden — Denver, CO. From Pumpkin Yang @pumpkiny


From @pumpiny

#care4sagrado from @pumpiny

#care4sagrado from @KFasimpaur Karen Fasimpaur

Portal, AZ – from @KFasimpaur Karen Fasimpaur

#care4sagrado from @KFasimpaur Karen Fasimpaur

#care4sagrado from @KFasimpaur

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