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Great Ideas Syllabus and a Trailer:

Mike Wesch gave me (and I’m sure many others) great vibes with his over-hyped trailer for one of his courses. So I made one for my Computing Fundamentals course, which has gone through a redesign process based on syndication, reclaiming … Continue reading

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Coding & Depth vs. Breadth

A couple of articles in the press inspire me to write this. First, The New York Times (As Tech Booms, Workers Turn to Coding for Career Change) and then Yale Daily News (CS50: Yale’s most popular course). The coding frenzy … Continue reading

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Alan Turing

2012 is Alan Turing Year, and yesterday, 23 June 2012, his 100th anniversary was celebrated. A fantastic 100th Anniversary Conference is being held in Manchester in these days, with keynotes from Roger Penrose, Vint Cerf and other luminaries. Andrew Hodges, … Continue reading

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Arte de Ovejas y Suspiros

Frame That Spam! Data-Crunching Artists Transform the World of Information (Wired) Aaron Koblin pidió a los “trabajadores” del Turco Mecánico de Amazon la cantidad de 2 centavos por cada oveja que dibujasen y entregasen. es una colección de las … Continue reading

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Why Free/Open-Source Software Matters

DigiZen publica el anuncio de una charla sobre software libre y abierto, el día 10 de abril de 2008 (este próximo jueves) a las 10:30am, que ofrecerá el Dr. Marco Schütz: Why Free/Open-Source Software Matters. Para reservar el espacio cliquea … Continue reading

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