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Get well, Steve!

Get well soon, Steve! Steve Jobs is still ill, and he sent an email himself to all Apple employers, saying he needs some time off, until June.

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The value of ideas

I love this quote from Contrast, a very focused company specializing in Web Apps (See Contrast | The Blog). Ideas are called “ideas” because they’re just ideas. You can’t log in to an idea. You can’t sign up for an … Continue reading

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Seth Godin and his Tribes book

It all started reading this: For people who want to lead a tribe and make something happen. It’s by invitation only until October, and we’re lucky to have you. Sign In This network is by invitation for the foreseeable future. … Continue reading

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New tech, new languages

Mobile, Media Recognition, Magic » CogDogBlog Meditating on a new app or the iPhone (one that shows how the iPhone may shift things by an order of magnitude, ie. if you thought you were buying a phone, you’re wrong!), Alan … Continue reading

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(Great) Cellphone Tools

The cellphone, computer and Internet are converging technologies, which, soon enough, will be only one. Thus, many services are being created that start on a phone. Among these, the ones I find particularly useful are: 1) ChaCha ChaCha is much … Continue reading

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