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Six songs defining You

I found this again from a long stacked away website. Quick, without much thought, tell the six songs that made you, you. Says The Guardian Music in their initiative Six Songs of You: From your first song to your funeral song, … Continue reading

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What’s Up (4 Non Blondes and two distant versions)

Yesterday night, while eating dinner, I caught my daughter Flavia while humming an obviously known tune. So, I quickly youtubed it, and found the song I so much loved in 1992: What’s Up, by 4 Non Blondes. I really loved … Continue reading

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Caro Dalla

Caro Dalla, Ti scrivo. Ed è la prima volta che in questo mio blog scrivo in italiano. Per dirti quanto mi piaceva la tua musica. Non tutta, vero. Ma quando uscì il disco Futura io me ne sono innamorato. Quante … Continue reading

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Impressioni di Settembre

Oh, if there’s one song that means to me being 15 it’s PFM’s Impressioni di Settembre, the Impressions of September with Moog and pop bursting from all pores. Originally from PFM (=Premiata Forneria Marconi, which goes more or less like … Continue reading

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Travel through iTunes Stores

I love traveling. Even when I do in the virtual space of the Internets. I love browsing the iTunes stores of remote countries, and see what treasures they hide. Sometimes it is disturbing to realize one cannot get the free … Continue reading

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