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New Media 2017

At year’s end, after completing the evaluations of my students’ work, blogs etc., with grades assigned, I wanted to post a short visual story about my New Media class, INF115 and the students I had the pleasure to share this … Continue reading

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Words of care for us after the (ugly) storm

I found a quote of a haiku from poet Mario Benedetti: Los apagones permiten que uno trate con uno mismo. Which in English would be something like this (lousy translation is mine): Black-outs afford one to deal with oneself. This … Continue reading

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First day of class–again

Yesterday, October 16 we had our first class post-Maria. All the University was under a big rain, plus it rained all night. It was fresh—not the awful heat of the past days, which compounds with the virtual absence of fans. … Continue reading

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¡Bienvenidas, clases de Informática!

¡Holla! Este es un post de prueba para las clases de Informática. Debe incorporarse automágicamente en el blog de la clase INF103-1 o INF103-8.  Por esta razón tiene ambas etiquetas (tags): inf1031, inf1038. Abrazos.

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