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Humanistic Provocationz

I have tried lately to read Shakespeare, and found it so intolerably dull that it nauseated me. — Charles Darwin I was lately thinking of the importance of reading, being myself an avid reader: of both stories and essays, papers, … Continue reading

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Microsoft’s Vision of the future and Obama’s Nobel

All mimsy were the borogoves And the mome rath outgrabe If I recall well, this is the first nonsensical verse from the Jabberwocky, Lewis Carrol‘s poem within Alice in Wonderland. All mimsy are today’s borogoves, too, in Microsoft‘s vision of … Continue reading

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Semana de los libros prohibidos

Varias obras de literatura puertorriqueña y la novela Aura de Calors Fuentes han sido prohibidas por el Departamento de Educación de Puerto Rico. ¿Prohibidas?Sí, todavía existen las listas de libros que se prohiben para la lectura. Invito por tanto a … Continue reading

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Hey, Gutenberg tweeting?

Historical Tweets This is absolutely great. Viva Twitter!

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British idiotic answers?

****</> Just dug from “Dumb Britain: the funniest and most idiotic answers given on quiz shows“! Fresh but true humo(u)r from our British friends: some are really knowledgeable about the world! Alex Trelinski (Late Show, BBC Midlands): What is the … Continue reading

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