Horizon Project

Larry Johnson posted a great visual narrative of the concepts behind NMC’s Horizon Project. The Horizon Report inform us yearly of the five most important technology trends on the educational and creative horizons of one, three and five years from now. The Collage posted by Larry beautifully captures such ideas: here it is!

It also showcases the VuVox creator, a Web-based multimedia tool great to create interactive presentations with dynamic content.

The Horizon Project has a wiki to help collaborations and discussions on the topics: http://horizon.nmc.org/wiki. The 2008 Report is available free in English (both Web-based and pdf), and Español. Interestingly, the Web-based version is done using CommentPress, a theme for WordPress that allows readers to “comment paragraph by paragraph in the margins of a text”. CommentPress is developed by The Institute for the Future of the Book.

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