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I am very proud of Andrés Colón, who was a student of mine and worked with me for a while. He is brilliant and a very modest person. But he developed a Web wonder, a video-sharing system for scientific advance.

He worked out the concept, the design and the implementation of Thoughtware.TV: Videos on Human Progress. Thoughtware.TV is a site where anybody can share a science video or search for one. It is a Meta YouTube for Science! In fact, it allows people to save there videos that are already on YouTube, thus marking them as highly valuable. The site states:

We collect only the best videos and news on Human Progress, ranging from topics such as Transhumanism, Artificial General Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Robotics, Nanotechnology, Life Extension, Biotechnology, Genetics, Ethics and many other fields of Social, Scientific and Technological interest.

This is what Hugo de Garis, a widely known researcher in the sub-field of artificial intelligence (AI) known as evolvable hardware has to say about Andrés system:

I now  look at your site every day,  hoping for a new interesting science documentary. You are changing my life, so I wonder how many other scientists around the world you are having the same effect on. […] You’re changing my life.

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