New blogging tools etc.

New nice & dandy blogging tools etc:

1. 2 new Magazine-style WordPress Themes: Mimbo & Gridline

Gridline Lite


Both look very elegant and functional. Ideal for content aggregation. This shows there is really a trend in the use of WordPress as a platform for Content Management, much beyond the scope of blog publishing.

2. 2 Tools for Mac: Endo, a news aggregator with a clean interface; and Ecto, a blog editor. Both are from Infinite Sushi.

3. A new development in blog publishing software: the interesting Habári project; an open source blogging platform with twists.

4. Beautiful lifestreaming with Sweetcron: a “free and open source solution for creating a self-hosted Lifestream; a blog-like website that shows your activity across the various websites “; See an example at Yongfook. Similar effect with  Tumblr + Silo.

5. Last, Weebly, which makes it very easy to create a personal website. Useful, when you just need to publish something on the Web quickly.

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