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Faulty new-age reasoning?

I’m going to use a sentence from a person I admire and follow, whose work I am fond of. Thus I am not disclosing the name. Still there are too many new-age-like thoughts that need to be uncovered and an … Continue reading

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How the Internet sees me

How does the Internet see you? “Personas” by Aaron Zinman from the MIT Media Lab shows your aggregated online “identity” after some natural language processing, producing a very interesting art effect. This is a screencast of mine hold at … Continue reading

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Art to Stop Sex Slavery

Sex Slave Art // Current A new campaign against sex trafficking has recently been launched, aiming to rescue women and children forced into the sex trade and punish the criminals behind it. Journey is an art exhibition in the UK’s … Continue reading

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Vote! This is an historical time. If you reside in the States, go vote! Don’t get me wrong. This is not the time for fair play, so I am not saying, just vote. There is an historical opportunity for change … Continue reading

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Xtremely Drug Resistant TB Xtremely Drug Resistant TB. Watch the video: it’s real. From photographer James Nachtwey the shocking story of a deadly new strain of TB, caused by untreatment. XDRTB: TED Prize to photographer James Nachtwey more about “2007 TED Prize Winner … Continue reading

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