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Jacqueline Kennedy’s story(telling)

At a certain point of the first season of famed TV series Mad Men, there is a little video segment of Jacqueline Kennedy’s ad in Spanish for her husband’s 1960 presidential campaign. All she says, including the fear of Communism, … Continue reading

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State of Siege ~ Estado de sitio

The sad situation of the University of Puerto Rico and in general of the neo-liberal ideologies around the world remind me it’s incredible that the peoples have actually voted for Governor Fortuño, like they had for Berlusconi, George W. Bush … Continue reading

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Melancholy after one  night of music… Después del concierto de Silvio Rodríguez, 30 de abril, San Juan. Melancolía y tristeza. Incluso cuando canta ser feliz. Linda noche de buena música. Buenas canciones tocadas con mucho ánimo y sentimiento. Buenos arreglos, … Continue reading

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UPR Strike

What is your point, Gobernador? Tell the people your government had told them UPR would have to return the millions in Pell grant dollars to the federal government? That your alibi is the litany that there’s no money? That this … Continue reading

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digital natives & techno-utopia

Nice little interview with danah boyd (@zephoria in Twitterland) in The Guardian of Dec. 9, 2009 (People looked at me like I was an alien). In the short pages of the article by Bobbie Johnson, there is space enough to … Continue reading

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